【Company Brief Introduction】
  Enterprise Shenzhen Bethel Co.Ltd. is a modern garment company that combines designing,producing, manufacturing and marketing. We are licensed to export and import.
  Established in 1995,we have made remarkable achievement after ten years of endless efforts. Today we have a long list of garment factories, such as western suit factory, shirt factory and T-shirt factory .We have a sales headquarter as well .We boast a large manufacturing base, state-art equipment and CIS management system. Bethel and Jubilee are two main brand names of our company .Our markets cover Asia, Europe and America.
  The essence of the culture in both China and the western world is well illustrated on bethel garments .The unique design, classical style, fine quality of the materials, refined craft and perfect after sales service all contribute to its sensational success in the international fashion stage.
  An Enterprise cannot succeed without supports from partners
  We are looking forward to co-operation
  from friends home and abroad.
  Hope we can create glory together in the new century!
【Trademark Introduce】 
  Shenzhen Boteli Industry Co., LTD. mainly produces menswear brand "Bethel" and womenswear brand "Jubilee".
  Boteli insist the decorate role of garment, and think that garment design should be devised from the characteristic of human body and then work out garments that may foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. The biggest characteristic of Boteli series garment is showing out the most beautiful parts of each person and minimuming the weaknesses through reasonable design and tailoring.
  Bethel menswear garment series match the novel and unique design pattern and the classical and fashion trademark style with fine technology and the fabrics characteristic of high quality. Bethel may satisfy man's need for wear completely. Besides of suit, overcoat, west trousers, shirt, necktie and etc. traditional formal wears, we also have jacket, casual suit, T-shirt and etc. casual wears. In addition, we have underclothes, socks and etc. assistant product.
  Jubilee takes the mature female that are between 28-48 years old as service object. She is fashionable, noble, elegant and does not lose the taste of romantic. The design mainly receive world fashion tendency and the material is mainly chiffon, cotton and woolen fabrics that are imported from Korea, Japan, Italy and etc. countries and other imported popular material and accessory. As for color, it is mainly black, white and grey. With elaborate design, reasonable tailoring, meticulous workmanship and strict, perfect and efficient sale configuration and service support system, we strive to make each dress become classics, and show the noble and elegant style of Jubilee entirely. The product style vividly embodies the remarkable elegant charisma of modern mature female, expresses a kind of amorous feeling of woman and fully show the free and easy character on her spirit and her independence and freedom of social position. In being larruping, Jubilee creates a taste of elegant and fashion.
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